The following are some frequently asked questions. As always if you donít see an answer to a question you might have please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our friendly Customer Services Representatives who will be more than happy to help you.

Do you guaruntee that the records will be exactly 180g?

180g or other heavy weight records will be pressed to the weight at which the sound quality of the record is maximized. For example, if the record pressed at 180g has more surface noise than desireable that can only be resolved by adding more steam, therefore creating a lighter record at 170g, the record will be pressed at the lighter weight. This fluctuation in weight is not limited to 170g. Please note that Erika Records will exhaust all option to keep the record at 180g, and reducing the weight will only be used if absolutely neccessary to ensure the record's sound quality.

What types of Payment do you accept?

Erika Records accepts cash, checks, money orders, cashierís checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express

What are your payment terms?

A deposit of 75% is due at the start of your order, and the remaining 25% is due upon test pressing approval.

Are there any minimums?

Not for vinyl records, but for picture records the minimum is 250 pieces and minimum of 500 for shaped picture records.

What size records can you make?

We make traditional 5", 7", 10" and 12" records. By traditional we mean that the actual record has a lip. However, we can make any size record you want.

How long does it take from order to finished product?
Currently, due to the influx in popularity of vinyl, we have a turn time of 3-4 weeks for test pressings and 12-14 weeks for production once tests are approved and all parts are printed and made. Turn also depends on when all the parts for your project are ready for production. The necessary components are test pressing approval, labels, slicks, sleeves, jackets, stickers, inserts, etc. which are all required to complete your packaging once your vinyl record has been pressed. However, we can work with you to complete your product by requested due dates. Turn around can also be affected during busy seasons such as Black Friday and Record Store Day. Start your job early if you decide to release vinyl for those days. Erika Records can do rushes for an additional fee.

Does Erika Records accept furnished parts?
Yes, we accept furnished stampers (made to Erika Records specifications and not made from 1-step processing). Labels, jackets, innersleeves and inserts must be done with Erika Records. Also, you must let your customer service representative know where the furnished stampers will be coming form and to make sure a packing slip is included with the parts when they ship.

Why do you have to wait for all parts of my job before it is scheduled to press?

Erika Records prides itself on a top quality product and cannot risk your vinyl product being exposed to scratches as it is moved around waiting for all your packaging to arrive.

Why do I need to approve test pressings before you press my order?
A test pressing enables the artists to hear what their final product will sound like and if they need to make any changes in the mastering of the album or if there are any issues with the record before their record is pressed.

What is your Privacy Policy?
Erika Records will never rent, sell, share or otherwise disclose any personal information provided to Erika Records to any third party.

Do you drop ship?

Yes, drop shipping is available for a nominal charge of $3.00 per box. Blind shipping is also available.

Do you double box?
Yes, double boxing is available for $3.00 per box.

Why would you double box?

To ensure extra protection of your product during shipping.

Will you hand number my jackets?

Yes, for the cost is .50 cents per jacket and will be kept in order during shrinkwrap, and boxes with indication of numbers on the carton if needed.

Will you store my products?
No, Erika Records does not warehouse any products unless it is requested and authorized in writing. Leftover parts will be returned at customerís expense. Erika Records is NOT responsible for parts left after 3 months.

Do you offer 100% recycled vinyl records?

No, we do not. A 100% recycled or regrind vinyl record will have terrible sound quality and Erika Records is not willing to offer a below standard product.

Do you pay for Shipping?

No, all shipping costs are paid by the customer but you can pick up your merchandise at our location.

Is a lacquer master necessary?

Yes, a lacquer master is how your music is transferred to create the stampers.

Do you have package deals?

Yes, we do and package deals all adhere to Erika Records strictest quality standards. We do not offer product deals on below quality products.

Why would I need to order extra stampers?
The rule of thumb is one set of stampers per 1,000 black vinyl records and 2 sets of stampers for colored vinyl records, picture records or 180 gm vinyl records. Stampers after too much usage causes them to wear out and affects the sound quality of the music and pressing colored vinyl, 180 gm vinyl records and picture records the process is much more intense on the stampers which is why more stampers are required. For Customers who are ordering their stampers themselves, we do not recommend ordering the extra stampers until your test pressing has been approved.

Why don't my records sound as loud as the master?
The longer the music time the quieter the music will be on the record.

What are your running time recommendations?

These times are approximate only and depend on
program material, number of spreads, mono or stereo, etc. Upon special request we can do 78s. Additional charges for longer than recommended running times will apply.

2 min. 2 min.
3.5 min. 3 min.
7" 7 min. 5 min.
8" 9 min. 7 min.
9" 11 min. 10 min.
10" 13 min. 12 min.
11" 16 min. 14 min.
12" 22 min. 15 min.

Where can I get templates for packaging and labels?
Just click on our design template link for all the information and layouts you need. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact our offices.



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